POEM “I will reveal the secret of the  galaxies” by the poet ABDALLAH GASMI

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A Poem by the poet Abdallah Gasmi from Tunisia

17 December, 2022

Kolkata, special correspondent.

I will reveal the secret of the  galaxies.


English translation : Ahmed Gasmi


I will open my heart wide

I’ll open the chest’s windows and locked doors

In the soul, roses never reached their owners

In the soul there are desires that I hid far from passing

In the soul cold dreams I forgot in the cave of days

I will open the night and cages of the caged birds

I will open the night and the bags of dream and deception

I will open everything… I will open false love letters

I will reveal the secret of galaxies that formed millions of years ago

In my bags sleeps a hungry leopard

Sad butterflies flutter in my chest

Under my nails grow wild, thorny weeds

I will awaken that sleeping child inside me and reshape my old face

My face was bright and then darkened,

I was a stranger to my face

A stranger to the paths under my feet

I will restore my voice scattered like thunder on the slopes of the mountains

My voice scattered in the ears of the dead

My voice that walks barefoot in the squares

My voice has no smell or homeland

I was like green lightning in the hills

My shadow walks backwards head back

My shadow tells me I’m a sad man

My sad shadow tells me that things fail me: the song I wrote and then left

The sweetheart who betrays my poems and deserts me

Dreams that sleep next to me and leave me

The roses that reach me turn into white bullets

What if you really love me

I need a lover that shines like a star in the ends of the universe

I need a sweetheart who wears love and poetry.

Sweetheart penetrated to the other side of the moon

A sweetheart that covers my dream every night and takes it away in her depths

If you want me to love you

Embrace me like a bee diving into the depths of chrysanthemums

Implicit to turn sorrows into birds flying over the ocean

If you want me to love you

Wake up the child who creates beautiful pictures in me

I’m stuck in the shooting star net like a sailor lost in the ocean one evening

If you want me to love you, give me pure water

Serve me pistachios and cherries to quench my cravings

Embrace me, I’m like birds that have no place for their nests

Cover me with your words from top to bottom, all the places in my galaxy without love and water

Every part of my body toils, bleeds and dies from the cold

Like the moist air that turns feet black at dawn

I was holding my hand and saying to myself: How did you get away from my childhood?

Before your love I was shivering like a willow in the open

Don’t go too far from the slope you chose

Now stop in my dream and open its windows

Dwell the verses I write, and read the love in my eyes

Love makes me weightless, like a dream made of cloth

Love grows under the skin where a baby eagle lives

Before love, I used to speak the language of poetry

Before love I always used to ice dancing in my veins

I was cutting my feet and saying to myself: Will I remain on the ladder of silence alone?

Your love is like you

It is a mixture of mummified soreness and blue opaqueness

It is a shy fire burning like sand

It’s like dreams slipping through my fingers like water

Before your love I used to speak the language of poetry.



Poet, novelist, critic and translator from Tunisia, works as a professor, holds a master’s degree in modern poetry, and a master’s degree in Islamic philosophy, holds many cultural responsibilities, and is the president of the International Cultural Salon in Tunisia

He published 20 books on poetry, novel, criticism, and theater

He won many international honors

He received many international poetry awards, and was honored in many countries

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