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A Poem by Dr. Bodrul Alam (Sohag) from Bangladesh

17 December, 2022

Kolkata, Staff Reporter
“Degradation of Humanity”
—–Dr. Bodrul Alam Sohag


All around, there is nothing but humanity
In the nation or society,
Then why a lost soul weeps bitterly
Into the tune of the bugle ?

Humanity awakens life like a fountain of laughter
Among the best creatures in creation,
if there is even the slightest disturbance of interest among them
it is humanity that
Fills the mind with twilight.

It is only that who gives love, cradle and compassion
sometimes in a genuine way,
At the end of the day when night falls,
The changes come in the nature of the character.

killing with an attitude of violence, being ruthless
to cause unnecessary harm,
The lustful mind of the impure mind is consumed in vain
Helpless rapes the woman.

Looking at the distance, heard the groaning voice of the helpless and suffering people
How they are humiliated
How humanity decays,
equality and humanity are defeated by Demonicity incessantly
How there is the degradation of humanity?
Do you see? Have ever felt?



Poet and literary Dr. Badrul Alam (Sohag) was born on 13th February 1981 in Dhaka. Father: – Engineer Md. Siddique Ullah was seriously injured in the 2001 American Twin Tower attack and passed away in 2017. His Mother Mrs. Badrun Nessa was the manager of Zil Bangla Sugar Mills Ltd. Dr. Bodrul Alam is the eldest among three brothers. After passing secondary in 1995 and higher secondary in 1997 from BAF Shaheen School and College, Dhaka respectively, he completed his B.Sc degree in Computer Engineering from abroad in 2001. After that he came to his own country and started his work in some multinational companies and private TV channels . He got his MBA in 2004, LL B in 2006 and LL M in 2008. Then he qualified the Bangladesh Bar Council examination in 2010 and began to work in the legal profession. He got his Ph D degree at the latest in 2021. Recently, he is practicing as an advocate in Bangladesh Supreme Court .

Dr. Md. Badrul Alam Sohag,is serving as an Honorary chairman in Rupsee Bangla Textile Mills Limited, Sohag Jute and Textile Industries Limited ,Dhaka. He is also serving as a National Advisor of Bangladesh Chapter of International Organization of United Nation Volunteer (UN volunteer) team and Representative Coordinator of Bangladesh of World Organization for Human Rights and Peace. He is an Ambassador of International Human Rights Commission.
Besides, he is also the chief advisor of Dhaka Journalist Association and President of Iqra Foundation Bangladesh.
He has been writing since his childhood. His writings have also been published in international media, including several national dailies. Besides, he writes for various news portals, journals and magazines. He is serving as the Managing Editor of Daily Matrubhoomi Khabar and Weekly Agar Jan katha. He has got more than hundred national and international awards and has gone on state tours. His 2 books of poetry, 1 novel, 1 short story and 6 books have come out in the market, besides, he has written several books jointly. His main aim is to serve the society,needy persons and to do something big for his lovely country..
Written by: Dr. Mohammed Hanif
Jharkhand, India.




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