A tribute poem to science-rhyme writer Krishnalal Maity, by Ridendick Mitro

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A tribute poem to science-rhyme writer Krishnalal Maity,

                                                      –  Ridendick Mitro.



About the poet :

Ridendick Mitro, Kolkata, India, is professionally a poet-novelist-columnst-lyricist in English and Bengali languages seperately. 22-23 names of books published. Yet to be published now gradually 30 names of books approx. He is writing more in many-a-type of writings. He is considered as the brand poet in the revolution regarding save history movement on Indian Star hero Nawab Siraj Ud-Daulah. He has written an epic of 10,000 (ten thousand) lines on the meterials of Nawab Siraj Ud-Daulah history that may be published from a noted publication in 2023 Kolkata International Book Fair if possible proofread in just time. Mainly he started writings on this history being involved with this world spreading movement incidentally by a researchar-journalist Manas Sinha (manas bangla -youtube channel) and Samarpita, a Kolkata Screen actress, Classic film director, researcher, writer, singer, composer, social reformer, Free-thought educationist. This history save movement actually also includes world peace purpose logically due to many causes. He was able to put his success accordingly, and so considered to be it. Ridendick’s writing songs are popular in the nations. An world anthem “World anthem–We are the citizen of the Earth” ( Official Singer – Mou Acharjee /Acharya, and voice for an international film Sharmi Chakraborty, composition – Kumar Chanchal) “Every nation is my nation ” (A song on the United Nations, official voice -Mou Acharya, Com- Kumar Chanchal), ” Save Heerajhil ” ( A song for saving Heerajhil history where It was Nawab Siraj Ud-Daulah’s palace now ruined. Official Singar – Subhalaxmi Dey, com- Kumar Chanchal) etc. Some songs written by him used in some Literary /social activist associations as a prayer song in the Nawab Siraj Ud-Daulah Mukta Vidyaloy Khosbag ( Composed and official voice by this School General – Samarpita) , Sristi Brand Song, Kabyapot potrika (wabesite : Kabyapot.com, and printed also ) anthem, Mukta Balaka Potrika anthem, etc.

[ Poet Krishnalal Maity (11-11-1948– 20-Oct 2022)]



A Juvenile poet krishnalal Maity,

You have suddenly passed away, alas,

We now ruminate the days deeply

In how you spent the times with us.

You wrote mainly science-theme -rhymes,

It was your writing’s special values,

That made us entertain in the feelings,

At the meetings it was an unique muse

You were a top grade police officer,

And used to write the poems alone,

While you retired gave more time there,

In need of writings better and strong.

A son of you greatly settled in Sweden,

He by profession a famous professor,

You travelled it and told about them —

Unique stories when came back here.

You were always a man of pleasure,

Always smilling and forces attitude.

A Pant-shirt-booted Bengali writer,

In this repentance,  with tears we salute.


N.B : Pic courtesy for poet Krishnalal Maity : Sonarpur Banga Sishu Sahitya Angan, Kolkata

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