A theme song by Ridendick Mitro for GWWC, (Genesis World Writers Comunity) from India

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A theme song  for GWWC,(Genesis World  Writers Comunity)

  Lyrics : Ridendick Mitro (Kolkata, India)

About the Poet
Ridendick Mitro,  (ঋদেনদিক মিত্রো) ,  Kolkata, India, is professionally a poet – novelist – lyricist -columnist in English & Bengali languages seperately. Names of books published about 22-23,  upto 2021. writes continue in many Printed medias and Wabesites. Going to be published now about 30 books. A bold social reformer and an exceptional orator. Huge international grade works existed. His epic of 10,000 (ten thousand) on the Nawab Siraj ud,-daulah (plz read about this famous Nawab in India & the history save movement on his historical ground) on this India’s main marking Nawab going to be published. May entertain his writing songs in youtube as ” Save Heerajhil “, ( accepted as revolution need in Save Heerajhil movenent),  ” Every nation is my nation ” (A song on the UNO),  ” World anthem – We are the citizen of the Earth ” ( A song for peace as world wide applied, see its youtube description) ,  etc. He is the Brand Poet in the world wide spreaded revolution “Save Heerajhil Movement “. See its details in ” হীরাঝিল বাঁচাও ” (English speling ” Heerajhil Banchao “, but write it truly in Bengali language — হীরাঝিল বাঁচাও “, then see its clear informations and others)   facebook.  He was awarded and felicitated from some organizations. Since childhood his dream to become a thinker personality outstandongly. In some organizations his lyrics using as anthem / theme songs.



We walk free hearted and free,

It is GWWC,  it is GWWC,
Genesis World Writers Comunity.
We do everythjng —
That helps all live with a good feeling,
We do believe
 Life is a pleasure of learning,
 And love one another
 Is the best asset,  charning,
 This is the way for peace greatly,
 It says GWWC,
 Genesis World Writers Comunity.
There are few Criteria we consider,
One, Excellence performance there,
Two,  consistency in leterarally work,
It is also a valuable mark.
Three, it must be moral standard,
That without it every work is not fair,
Four, benefitting track Record,
Cause, without it an work is poor,
And, No.-5,  friendly personality,
As this nature is the best creativity,
It says GWWC,
Genesis World Writers Community.
N.B: Writing when journey by train and the 3rd stanza on the station bench, seated.
9:15 AM, 21 September 2022, India time.

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