A poem : The poet in the playground after many years By Ridendick Mitro  ( India) 

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A poem : The poet in the playground after many years

                                                       -Ridendick Mitro  ( India) 


I am playing football
After many years,
A strange memory has risen,
The business of writing
And varieties battles
Made me a kind of dull
And far from games,
I was not concious.
But, now in the playground
After many years.

How many birds and insects
Beside me madly,
They are also excited to see me,
They say very gladly —
How many sports
With the poet will come,
None but a sportsman is alarm.

Who knows where those
Past friends are!
They are busy and busy people
And here for the years
They disappeared.
But, I’ve come to the playground,
And playing, playing,
Because I can dream.

Those grass are still here today,
As they brighten the ground,
So why not I am
In the role of brightness,
I ask myself aloud!

Some places of this ground
Are fulfilled with some houses
And shops here and there.
But this playground is expansion
With my early life’s memory so far,
‘Cause, imagination is the new beginner.

The grass, birds and insects
Are telling me — hey poet,
May be you are too famous, great,
So, be very proud,
Keep the poet – identity in your pocket,
Because a man is ill
If it sleeps his sound.
Man is young
Till he can touch the playground.

They more claim that
Who falls in love in the park,
They are not youth,
He is youth
Who come to the playground.
This is truth, this is truth.

While I played a bit
And laid in the ground,
The insects from inside the grass
Are not giving relief,
They commend me — hey poet,
It is our naughty sport,
In this process with you we meet.

I got delighted with their commends,
That I discovered the things
As it were ago,
They are still my friends.
It is falling down fine tears
Through my sweaty cheeks,
I discovered —
My youth power ascends.

2 October 2022, afternoon
N.B :- Ridendick Mitro is professionally a poet – Novelist-lyricist-Columnist in English and Bengali languages seperarely. Kolkata, India. This poem has been written as the poet came back from the playground. It is fact in the poem.


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