HM Riajul Hoque, BDO, Suti-1 in a role of a teacher why?

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HM Riajul Hoque, BDO, Suti-1 in a role of a teacher why?

Special Bureau, Murshidabad, India

A responsible BDO he is, people say. During the years his work record have been making satisfaction to us.

Recently his achievement is shown in a new frame. He is giving training to the students of remote villages at Murshidabad dist. Those students who did not think they would be able to touch the upper position ever, Mr.Hoque is serving knowledge and dream to them routingly. He encourages them to be prepared for WBCS exam. Free teaching opportunity.
He choices the student through oral test, and next sets a list who would be able for this Exam.

Very clean process.

Now, we request him, he should teach the students in how they can become good citizen, who will develope the way of peace and who will not alow bad things, bad pressure from the bad corners and who will be free-thought server and lover of helpless creatures and nature.

Otherwise they will become the puppets under the bad sources.

Riajul Hoque is a scholar and poet, we hope many things outstanding from him.

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