A peace poem : Master Love By Ridendick Mitro

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A peace poem : Master Love  

   Ridendick Mitro (Kolkata, India)  

Where is Master,  
 If He is there — 
 Why the people are 
   In the brink of famine, 
Oh, man, ask yourself, 
 And yes, for Him never wait, 
 You may think about it  —  
  Just in a blink, 
  love and boldness 
   Including confidence — 
   Are your master-sign,. 
Why the people are 
With the starvation get appeared,  
 In the brink of famine!  
The history of pulse 
 Is hidden in the dry leaves, 
 Where we could not meet, 
 Alas, life is a chapter for learning,  
 And why the creatures are 
 Crying by the human being!  
 The sound of silence — 
  Proposes our attendence, 
  This is everything, 
  But, such a question 
  Meets us imagining, 
Human got appeared 
 With honesty, without fear, 
 With the freedom of speech
   And with your free look, 
Free thought is our perfect route, 
 Very easer talk it is, 
  If we can realise it, release — 
   We must be far from crime, 
   Yeah, why the people are 
   In the brink of famine!  
You are stronger — 
 If you protest easier, 
 You are pleasure, 
  If you sacrifice goodness  
   Without any stress —
   Here and there, 
.  life is fair — 
.  If we can carry one another, 
   This is beauty as if white lime, 
  Why the people are — 
  In the brink of famine! 
Exploitation is nothing —
 But the barrier in between 
  You and me, 
    Absolutely, absolutely, 
   If you be open eyed, 
   This is education, 
    This is realisation, 
    This is beauty, 
    This is duty, 
And if we try to understand  
The language of ants and little grass, 
 We must gain the Master-heart,  
 Then we are evergreen.
  Then, there is no grip of famine. 

Ridendick Mitro, Kolkata, India,  is professionally a poet-novelist-columnst -lyricist in English and Bengali Language seperately. Since childhood he produced his life to become a thoughtful professional over the world. Upto 2021 the titles of his books about 22-23 got published. And now yet to be published about 30 works. He used to write round the clock, and wasted huge bags of writing for accuring perfect skill. He has completed  an Epic of 10,000 (ten thousand)  lines and as present report it is getting prepared in a Publishing house — Book Bengal Publisher, Kolkata, India, Owner — Somindra Kumar. And this Epic writing news was first reported in “Bulbuler Boithak khana” (বুলবুলের বৈঠকখানা),  a good known net magazine, whereas Shis Muhammad,  a Bengali poet-Journalist-Editor of Nabarun Potrika.  In this long news  it described in how Ridendick took encourage ment from a Poetess-critic Antarakshi — who was a member of ” Potrika Nabarun” group, also who did not came in view ever. But her presence gave power and pleasure in “Potrika Nabarun” WhatsApp group magazine.

“Nabarun Potrika” name In Print, but as a Whatsapp group magazine its name ” Potrika Nabarun”.  This Editor of this Nobarun Group Shis Muhammad who is also a social reformer encouraged Ridendick to do 10,000 (ten thousand)  lines in the Epic. So, Ridendick did it with hard labour to make it 10,000 lines from 8,000 lines. , This “Nabarun”  group discovered many talents unbelievably. Also it developed the power of professional or continuous writers as it  Works from Murshidabad, but capacity outstanding as possible in its ability.
Ridendick is famous due to his versatile genres of writings and logical bold speeches. He is also a social reformer. For his math-poems he got placed in a book of a PHD scholar. He is skilled in also sonnets, rhymes, imagery poetry, prose poetry, rhymes, lyrics, short stories, novels and what not. His logical proses bring enlightenment  in society. He is a bold orator. He can write  any type of writing in any place any time you demand it. At a time he can write dictating to many persons. His English lyrics are outstandingly familiar.
You may recreate some of them in youtube. An world peace song as “World anthem — We are the citizen of the Earth,” [ Official voice -Mou Acharya /Acharjee, voice for a feature film — Sharmi Chakraborty,   Music Compose -Kumar Chanchal as Govt. Name Amal Rang ], Saving history song as ” Save Heerajhil “, (Official Voice – Subhalaxmi Dey,  Music Compose – Kumar Chanchal),  a song on the United Nations for brotherhood as ” Every Nation Is My Nation “, — ( Official voice – Mou Acharya,  Music compose – Kumar Chanchal),  a romantic song as ” I am not singular “, — ( Oficial singer -Ridendick Mitro, music compose – Kumar Chanchal. Though the Music Composer sang this song later to expose its new light of delevery.  So, both singers of one song are separate in delevery under same composition with different taste.) Etc. Increasingly.  Different associations and organization use his lyrics as The anthems of English and Bengali works. Sristi Brand Song ( Compose -Sayak Ghorai. ” Sristi ” is an social workars association including literature works.),  Kabyapot magazine anthem (It is ” kabyapot.com ” as wabesite and printed as Kabyapot potrika , music compose -Sonali Mukhopaddhay),   Mukta Balaka potrika Anthem (Music Composition -Sonali Mukhopaddhay)  Etc.
Due to many unbelievable  pathetic situations his body-beauty lapsed again and again. So, in the youtubes and other places in most times his body-beauty is in damaged safe. He is trying to be cured with heart and soul. But circumstances does not help him actually. He fell in bad corners again and again and lived thus. He claims, ” lose or lazy merit people are not little devils that they feel happy in the cleverness of critical persons. So, in such a honest shape the lazy merit people are bigger  guilty. They help original critical persons, and in this way the society is mostly detracted  and deformed. So, it we want to change the social deformations and degradation,  we would try to change the laziness  of honest people’s merit.”
He is also a brand poet in the world noted ” save history movement” named ” Save Heerajhil movement. “
Ridendick details about it to us for serving such a information over the world.   From his direct voice listen to kindly.
He says, “at Murshidabad,  West Bengal, India, it has been raised a movement for  saving history. It at first started in need of Nawab Siraj Ud-Daulah history. The last Independent Nawab of the bigger undivided Bengal Nawab Siraj Ud-Daulah got defeated in the scheme battle by Robert Clive, the head captain of the East India Company. It was in the battle of Plassey on the 23rd June  of 1757. Through Clive the British occupied south-east part of India and the rest part took up in the Boxar battle in 1764. Due to many causes it considered that Nawab Siraj Ud-Daulah’s defeat was the star mark in the case of losing independence in India.
In that causes of saving and revealing history it has been streaming a movement at Murshidabad,  and   behind it there are many excellent individuals and groups are there to this rising. From Kolkata a celebrity actress, scholar, researcher,  social reformer, educationist, film director, music composer, singer, writer and the head of the ” Nawab Siraj Ud-Daulah Smriti Suraksha Trust” Samarpita is playing her magic roll with other meritorious revolutionaries. Researcher – journalist Manas Sinha,  the head of “Manas Bangla ” youtube channel added his power with this. They gained other opend hearted youtubers’ relation in this course of movement. It also gives here such a course of great energy by Heerajhil Save Committee ” and other sided same thoughtful citizens and lots of organization and press.  This is an govt.awakened revolution or movement and accepted by the Govt.
The techniques of Samarpita in giving education are too much wonderful and meritorious and it stole people’s attraction. Her ageless Students’ School ” Nawab Siraj Ud-Daulah Mukta Vidyaloy Khosbag ” is the forerunner of modern education in all meanings. It is actually a free-education University in its evidence of dream and works. Situation of Samarpita’s  thought and performance displays the excellent reality of up-to-date style of education in the world of perfect education. I should say the name of a famous club called “Khosbag Polly Unnayon Samiti ” is helping in building a school house in their club area, that for Samarpira can get her perfect opportunity in her educational service. It is heard from a Youtube.
Her efforts need huge help,  persons from any corners of the Earth can help her as possible, and so, they can meet with her as possible.
Ujjal Sarkar, Nikhil Sarkar and their mother offered some land in the Heerajhil forest area for 99 years lease to Nawab Siraj Ud-Daulah Snriti Suraksha Trust. This area will be used for Nawab Purpose. It is recent report.
In this bigger unique arrangement I am considered as a brand poet of this Movement. It is out of imagination. But true in real.
Nawab Siraj Ud-Daulah last some years before death lived in Heerajhil Palace and next slept in Khosbag-grave. Both places are on the banks of the river Bhagirothi. That for SAVE HEERAJHIL song I write and released and next get astonished the committee accepted it for that historical taste.  At first here in 2021 Samarpita took my lyrics ‘Nawab Siraj Ud-Daulah Mukta Bidyaloy Khosbag / Amader tumi Garbo Banglar Shesh Swadhin Nawab… ‘ and she composed it and sang with her Students (Students here called ‘Knight’ only) at the grave of this Nawab and took this song to use in School prayer,  prayer to that grave and prayer at the meetings in need of this history. You may know more details go in the Facebook link —  হীরাঝিল বাঁচাও ( Heerajhil Banchao — i.e. Save Heerajhil). It is suported by the descendents of the Nawab Siraj Ud-Daulah from Bangladesh and by the descendents of Nawab Mir Zafar. Many people did not know that the Descendents of Nawab Mir Zafar are live Nawab according to the rule of Independent India. They are now with the crown the Nawab of Murshidabad. They gave lips to my Song with the main voice of Samarpita, on the 23 June of 2022, in the 265 anniversary of the Battle of Plassey, organized at Heerajhil area. It’s a thrilled chapter in my life,  we did read in history about Nawab Siraj Ud-Daulah and today I am the brand poet in the revolution of that history. About thousand pages literary works in English and BengaliI have done about this history by me, getting published gradually.
“Heerajhil Save Movement” is a global matter,  organished with the thousand here on the 5th December of 2021. This type of Movement for saving history is first ever as  much as we know.  This march by the two and three wheelers started from Lalbag to Heerajhil place. Next it won their demands a few from the Govt. Archeology Department as well as the govt. In their demand history is not the fundamental need,  it joined also the need in saving the villages of the banks of the River Bhagirothi. This movement is also added many things more that may develop the bigger society without differences.
Some people claim that Heerajhil Save  Movement and its included things give just advertisements for Nawab Siraj Ud-Daulah.  But it is absolutely wrong. This Movement gives responsibility  to protect any history in the World.
In humankind it is so a job to encourage our hidden concience. So, it is a global work no doubt as its system says.
It should be looked with attention by the foreign connections. Yes, the outstanding deligates are getting interest day by day about it. This movement is always going on with wonderful efforts each day.
Save Heerajhil Movement and included things of it hoist a phenomenon of a hopeful source of world development.  “
Ridendick  received kinds of awards and facilitations.  He is also the invited  adviser in “Art Mother Earth Foundation “,  where the founder-director is Michael Tarun, India birth NZ citizen  youngman. Michael Tarun framed at first in the world ” Theory for Permanent World Peace,” and   “Earth and Art Revolution Day,” every upcoming 15th January since 2017. And it gained the blessings of the UNO, govt of Australia,  New Zealand,   Canada and HIS HOLINESS Dalai Lama, the Nobel Laureate on Peace, including so many govt. authorities, medias,  some Social activist organizations   and big mind people.  It is heard that Michael Tarun expend about Rs. 3.5 cr. from 2016 – 2021 in need of his Parmanent World Peace factor. He is now working in New Zealand,  spent last five years in India providing that peace job. You may know his values of works and evidence in “Art Mother Earth foundation ”  youtube channel. He dealt his work ar first from his “art21stcentury” team, and next incorporated “Art Mother Earth Foundation”.
Ridendick as advisor is succeed in bringing  the blessings of many international authorities.  Now Ridendick gives consultation from India to New Zealand.
All the information given from the believable connections as much as possible.
— Editor : globalnewz.online

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