Surprise from Kolkata, India, on The United Nations “Every Nation Is My Nation” song

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Surprise from Kolkata, India, on The United Nations ” Every Nation Is My Nation ” song.

At first you, the readers kindly read it in short and next in detail.
Every Nation is My Nation — this line is very heart-touching line, gives us one-world thinking. Other lines are also in here deeply significant in our belief.
From Kolkata, India, Writer Ridendick Mitro, Music Director Kumar Chanchal ( its market name, official name Amal Rang),  and Singer Mou Acharya have given a surprise to all of us. They are professional in their works and creative ambitions. It is surprise to us  — ” Every Nation is My Nation”
Recording Studio — Voice Take Studio, Budge Budge, Kolkata, by Subhas Mullick, and Video Edit by Master Suva.
Later it will be given the lines of the lyrics and others.
They decleared in the video that they have done it with their little ability, so the judges should kindly realize it, otherwise it was not possible to release it. But the quality of creation is really good as we fell.
Now I am describing something about its importance.
It is our satisfaction that we have got a song on The United Nations.  Again I say, this song titel — “Every Nation Is My Nation”.  This song is giving a justified taste about that Global Organization. It is situated in America. It is Called UNO in short, we know. Here the members i.e. the leaders of the countries meet one another and submit their thoughts and values at the meetings.  The head of this Organization called Secretary-General. And this Organization does duty for world brotherhood.  In 1945 when 2nd World War destroyed the civilization biggerly,  this Global Organization was established. There is a big history about it. But it is true we still now live and let live due to the existence of this Organization.  Otherwise it was very speechless result to us. Mainly,  this organization keeps peace movement in each trend of service according to the levels of situations. So, we can live inspite of many troubles.
This song has tried to expose this type of glory of the United Nations.
As Detail with the lyrics :–
Oficial Video Voice – Mou Acharya,
Lyrics – Ridendick Mitro,
Tune & Music composer -Kumar Chanchal (Official name Amal Rang),
Recordist -Voice Take Studio, Budge Budge,  Kolkata,
Youtube channel name – World Music Melodies.
Link :. hppts://
Video time around 2:01 minutes (Two minutes one second only)
Every nation is my nation,
Every man-woman is my brother-sister,
We entertain recreation —
Without any fence one another,
It is the voice of the United Nations.
One sky, one sun, one moon and stars–
Give us romantic feeling so deep,
We have same dream that appears —
A glossy gentle love, too much discreet,
It is the voice of the United Nations.
   .          .   —————–
[ Music Director : Kumar Chanchal ( Amal Rang) ]
This song motivate us into the harmony vastly. Its lyrics and musicial taste are very good. Voice and pronouncing technique are clear as it needed in this type of song.
It is written in an anthem shape thinking and singing likewise.
But,  officially not anthem now. Though it is an anthem shape, and so, some people say it is an UN anthem. But it should be told as an UN anthem,  produced by individual belief. Though this song is like an anthem taste in order to our feeling. This anthem was published In some books by Ridendick Mitro, —  it was said in there “UN Anthem”,  somewhere ” Anthem for the United Nations” — that it said in the books as of writing liberty. But, in performing evidence it is “A song on the United Nations” — is seen in the youtube. It is correct.
We believe the United Nations would think it by soft heart to the author’s simple mind’s application.
[ Lyricist : Ridendick Mitro ]
As we get report that this lyrics was a 3 stanza work. But Music Director Kumar Chanchal skillfully took only first 2 Stanzas out of three. This Kumar Chanchal is not only a music director but also a singer and music trainer. His many compossitions are outstanding quality as people’s report. He is an multi-lingual Music Composer as reported.
That lyrics was published in the books written by Ridendick Mitro,  published from Book Bengal Publisher, Kolkata, owner – Somindra Kumar.  The names of those books are — ” Anthem-Poem on all the International Days” — 15 April 2019, “Anthem-Poem on all the Independent Nations” (Substitute creations)  — Sept, 2019,  “A book of poems on Russia” — December 2019, “Asgardian Poems,  story & Laika” — December 2019, and in other books here and there. For making harmony it was put in many books of him. Ridendick is a poet-novelist-columnist-lyricist in English & Bengali languages seperately. Those are original English creations. On the United Nations exceptional works by Ridendick had been done.
In this siquence I should say, this publication is one of the noted publications that has gained one of the best 10 (ten) publishers in West Bengal,  India, in 2021,  due to its  valuable previous works outstandingly. I saw this result in the google. 9th position now out of that best 10.  Its owner Somindra Kumar servived in bringing exceptional works to the readers,  but this publisher did not get huge opportunity for the lack of money. Inspite of its short ability its update thinking productions make the readers thoughtful. Causatively this publiser is gaining outstanding familiarity crossing many uneasy situations, as I knew.
As we know those books are govt.regd as the publication rule. So, the judges took decission from the records in the govt.stores. About this publication I put much information  here that it held significance about that lyrics. So, it was needful to give it.
We, my journalist friends on behalf of the press express jovial expression about it and we belief this may be spread out widely.  And it is possible. The creators have prayed the blessings of the United Nations very plainly.
If the song as ” Every Nation is My Nation”,  a song on the United Nations  — get the people’s view,  our media will be grateful. They have more works outstanding qualites in English & Bengali languages,  the more will come to light day after day.
From India, these types of works are too much critical and full of hurdles. But we are grateful that our land is serving these types of works as possible. Creators and performars are looking for blessings.

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