GRAY MOON, THE VIEW IS CLOSER by the younger poet Maid Corbic

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Maid Corbic from Tuzla, 22 years old. In his spare time he writes poetry that repeatedly
praised as well as rewarded. He also selflessly helps others around him, and he is moderator of the World Literature Forum WLFPH (World Literature Forum Peace and Humanity) for humanity and peace in the world in Bhutan. He is also the editor of the First Virtual Art
portal led by Dijana Uherek Stevanovic, and the selector of the competition at a page of the same name that aims to bring together all poets around the world. Many works have also been published in anthologies.



Maid Corbic

The view is closer, my grey moon.
It grows stronger and stronger every day.
Shining, the brightest in the living world
And I really look forward to it every day.
More than ever before

I know that Moon is very admirable.
And in the eyes of honest people in the world
A great joy for me is the Moon.
It’s getting closer to my eyes every day.
Well, like I can touch it with my bare finger.

I know it’s just fiction in my head.
But my Moon is growing more and more.
From the crescent, new stars are born
It will continue to be the brightest in the world.
My love is full of everything.

Because I believe in the astrology of life
I don’t consider myself a weirdo.
Because my dream and my vision is
Only that love grows more and more.
It is a part of my life and destiny.

I know that the moon and the stars all planets
They rejoice when they see me.
And I almost got a chance to see the big moon.
And around him the Northman shines brightest.
It’s a part of life and my sweet destiny.

My wish is for the Moon to be so strong.
I like to believe in my stars.
I am a Scorpio and I believe in dreams.
Because my dream is to believe only
From what I see, what I want and know

And my job is to watch the moon.
How there are more and more holes every day
But I don’t mind that at all.
Because I live for just one moment
To be in NASA’s research department
Where I have the resources to look at all that
What I wanted and dreamed of
And my dream is the biggest of all
May the Moon recover from hell
Craters and other asteroids!

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